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About Blue Bells Academy

Amidst the lush green surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of the city , the school provides a natural and clean environment . it has spacious rooms and adequate playing grounds for the student for inventing the best of sportsmanship in their make-out. At present, we are holding classes right from 1st standard up to std 12th with all the progressive zeal our student learn the ways into sublimity of education and our institute , with all the modern teaching amenities and well qualified teaching staff , assists them in their Endeavour . We believe in dedication to the levels of devotion and this ensures a uniqueness of experience to the students doing their studies under hands of ability and nobleness.

In the state-of-art campus of the institution you will find classrooms humming with dreams and valour . There are libraries to lead the way to success and equipped laboratories to illuminate them. Rooms for computer facilities, recreation activities , and cultural expressions give ample option to explore.

In addition to all this the institution cater to its’ social responsibilities at the foremost. It most willingly takes up projects like that of adult education, adolescence programs and educating the needy and deprived strata. Upon the forefront it takes up project of peoples’ service like holding eye-camps etc. for the welfare of weaker sections of the society .

The institute is inculcating high moral values and an original secular outlook to prepare the future generation for this 21th century world of competing nerves. We are part of a reformative structuring that makes the Student patriotic, scientific and analysts at once. The institution is proud to provide serve the society by conditioning the mouldable grey-cells in spirit of success and triumph , all painted in the colors of being able to serve the society in some way and the humanity in general.